The ONLY Potato Soup Recipe You’ll ever need.

The ONLY Potato Soup Recipe You’ll ever need.


Soup season is finally upon us, friends! That’s something we can all celebrate. And nothing says “Happy Fall” like a comforting and filling bowl of soup. Today, we’re sharing our infamous Creamy Potato Soup recipe with you.

First, we have somewhat of a bold statement to make about our Potato Soup recipe. It’s like….kind of a big deal. No, really. Prepare yourself. You WILL get asked for this recipe. I am NEVER shy about sharing a recipe. Food is my love language, and I think we should all share the yumminess. But every time I get asked for the recipe, I’m almost embarrassed to share it. Why, you ask? Because it’s SO….DARN….EASY! I feel like a fraud. How can something so close to heaven be so simple to make? I’m not sure how that could be possible. You just gotta trust me on this one. And make this soup. Like today.


A couple of helpful tips...

Before you get started, here are just a few “pro” tips I’ve picked up in the 10,000 times I’ve made this soup. And I use the word “pro” loosely. You definitely don’t have to be a pro to make this soup. Quite the opposite, actually! But I’ve been making this soup for so long, I could whip it up in my sleep. So I do have a couple of tips I’ve learned that will help make sure your soup turns out perfectly every single time.

  • First, dice your potatoes evenly and on the smaller side. This will reduce your cooking time.
  • When adding water to your pot of potatoes, use cold water. This ensures even cooking of your potatoes.
  • When the soup comes to a boil, reduce heat a touch to maintain a gentle boil. Boiling at too high of a temperature will break down your potatoes and make your soup grainy. You want your potatoes to be fork-tender but still have a little “bite” to them. Cooksy will tell you exactly how to get the right temperature and when the potatoes are the perfect texture.







Top off your bowl with a handful of crispy, crumbled bacon, and serve with a side of bread to soak up every last bite. We’re sharing lots of soup recipes in the near future, like our Cajun Tortellini Soup. Holy WOW, is that another good one! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay caught up with all of our recipes.

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