Never overcook another meal

Cooksy monitors your pan's surface temperature from above to let you know when it's time to add, flip or stir your ingredients.
No more guesswork on the stovetop

Stovetop settings like "medium" and "medium-high" make it nearly impossible to produce consistent, high-quality meals without years of experience.

Cooksy is the world's first connected cooking assistant to deliver temperature feedback, timing and recipe guidance in real-time. With Cooksy, it's easier than ever to achieve perfectly cooked meals and crispy golden sears, every time.

Cooksy guides you every step of the way

Follow a recipe from our library and Cooksy will guide you. Cooksy helps you keep your pan at the right temperature, and leads you through each recipe step, showing you what to do and when to do it.

Visual and thermal sensors enable you to cook with consistent results

The key to consistently great food is cooking at the right temperature. Cooksy eliminates the guesswork and measures thousands of temperatures across your entire pan surface many times a second.

Easily sets up in any type of kitchen

With a variety of simple mounting options, Cooksy quickly installs in any kitchen and works with your existing cooktop and pans.

Cooksy Works in Any Kitchen


All Cooksys come with top-side magnets that easily attach to any magnetic attractive overhead vent


For center kitchen islands you can always select an easy to set up stand that can work practically anywhere.

Wall Mount

If Cooksy can’t be applied magnetically the wall mount is easy to set up with either adhesive or drilled in options

Cooksy Collection

Start Cooking with Cooksy

Try Cooksy today and learn how easy it is to achieve perfectly cooked results on your stovetop, every time.