Cooksy watches from above and gives you guided cooking instructions
  • Visual and thermal sensors to monitor your pan's surface temperature
  • If you can add, flip, and stir, then you can make amazing food with Cooksy.
  • Always consistent results and never mess up a steak again.

Your food cares about how hot your pan is. So should you.

Whether you are caramelizing onions, browning butter, or just trying to get the perfect sear on a steak, the secret to great food is cooking at the right temperature. Cooksy makes this easy. Cooksy is a small device that mounts above your cooktop and live streams your pan's temperature information to a companion app running on your phone or tablet.

Cooksy guides you every step of the way

Follow a recipe from our library and Cooksy will guide you. Cooksy helps you keep your pan at the right temperature, and leads you through each recipe step, showing you what to do and when to do it.

Visual and thermal sensors enable you to cook with consistent results

The key to consistently great food is cooking at the right temperature. Cooksy eliminates the guesswork and measures thousands of temperatures across your entire pan surface many times a second.

Easily mounts above cooktop

With a variety of simple mounting options, Cooksy quickly installs in any kitchen and works with your existing cooktop and pans.

Cooksy Works in Any Kitchen


All Cooksys come with top-side magnets that easily attach to any magnetic attractive overhead vent


For center kitchen islands you can always select an easy to set up stand that can work practically anywhere.

Wall Mount

If Cooksy can’t be applied magnetically the wall mount is easy to set up with either adhesive or drilled in options

Cooksy reviews

As Cooksy’s cameras and sensors monitor the temperatures of your pan and food, it talks with an accompanying mobile app.

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Chris Albrecht
The Spoon

I feel like this would be so incredibly helpful.

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Jill Wagner

Cooksy provides guidance as you're cooking so that you achieve a perfect dish every time.

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Renee Cherry

But it's the thermal imaging that sets Cooksy apart from other app-based cooking guides

Emma Rowley
Tech Advisor

Say goodbye to burnt meals!

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Jordan Aaron

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