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Hybrid Stainless Pans

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My cousin gave me one of these for Christmas. After a month of use, it is by far the best skillet I've ever used!

9 in Stainless Hybrid Frying Pan

Chris T.


Hands down, best pan I've ever owned. Beautiful, durable, and excellent quality. What a pleasure to use.

11 in Stainless Hybrid Frying Pan



This is a nice, heavy, sturdy pan. The non-stick works great, and I can scape all I want with metal tools without worrying about eating Teflon.

11 in Stainless Hybrid Frying Pan

James M.


Cooksy has made cooking fun!
Wow! the steps in the app are so easy to follow. I was amazed how my soup turned out.

Cooksy Mini Thermal Camera

Michelle L


Can't believe I cooked that!

I have never made Chili Mac before, but it's the first recipe I've tried with my Cooksy thermal camera.

Cooksy Mini Thermal Camera

Sam D


Multi-layer design with a thick aluminum core for even heat distribution


a comfortable and cool grip, even when the pan is hot


Generate the flavors of Stainless with the ease of a non-stick.


It's safe in the oven to 500°F, making it perfect for finishing off dishes or keeping food warm


The raised stainless steel pattern protects the non-stick surface so you won't have to worry about scratches
Hexagon Surface Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan 9 Piece Hexagon Surface Hybrid Stainless Steel Set 6 Piece Hexagon Surface Hybrid Stainless Steel Set 6.0 Quart Hexagon Surface Hybrid Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid Hexagon Surface Hybrid Stainless Steel Saucepan with Lid


Hexagon Hybrid Stainless Steel Pans

The perfect combination of nonstick and stainless steel. Hybrid technology allows metal utensils to glide on the stainless steel honeycomb ribs without scratching the nonstick coating.

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Effortless Flavor Development with Easy Release

Our hybrid pan surface enhances flavor development by bonding with your food, similar to pure stainless steel pans. Releasing the bond is effortless—just cook with a small amount of oil or butter, and give your food a gentle nudge with a spatula. Experience the same flavors as with stainless steel but with a more glide-friendly surface.

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