Cook your meals to perfection, every time

Cooksy thermal cameras monitor your pan's surface temperature from above to let you know when it's time to add, flip or stir your ingredients.

Never overcook another dish

Cooksy’s overhead monitor and connected app work together to let you see your pan temperature and adjust your stovetop, so you’ll know when to add ingredients, stir, flip, or remove your food.
  • Cooksy Mini Thermal Camera


    Cooksy Mini Thermal Camera

    Cooksy Mini's visible and thermal cameras guide your cooking via the companion app.   Fol...

No more vague recipes or burnt meals

Follow a recipe from our library and Cooksy will guide you. Cooksy helps you keep your pan at the right temperature, and leads you through each recipe step, showing you what to do and when to do it.

Visual and thermal sensors enable you to cook with consistent results

The key to consistently great food is cooking at the right temperature. Cooksy eliminates the guesswork and measures thousands of temperatures across your entire pan surface many times a second.

Easily sets up in any type of kitchen

With a variety of simple mounting options, Cooksy quickly installs in any kitchen and works with your existing cooktop and pans.
  • As good as what you'd order at a restaurant

    Robert S

    Seriously as good as any sandwich I've had at a restaurant. Cooksy was super helpful to make it.

  • Can't believe I cooked that!

    Sam D

    I have never made Chili Mac before, but it's the first recipe I've tried with Cooksy.

  • Cooksy has made cooking fun!

    Michelle L

    Wow! The steps in the app are so easy to follow. I am amazed how my soup turned out. Looked just like the Cooksy picture.

  • Love Cooksy

    Haylee K

    The chicken picatta recipe is really good! My family loved it and requested it again.

  • So good!

    Cameron G

    I'm not a very experienced cook, but I'm so glad I tried this recipe from the app. My husband couldn't believe I made it!

  • The app has some great recipes

    Christy L

    How fun to see a recipe for spaghettios that you make yourself. Followed the recipe and they turned out awesome.

  • Best pan roasted potatoes I've ever made

    Cheri R

    Cooksy told me exactly how long to cook them. Turned out perfectly.

  • I've been scanning the app for dinner ideas every night now

    Nicole F

    Not sure I'll need to order take out anymore. This was great!

  • Try Cooksy’s step-by-step recipes with the Cooksy App to experience guided cooking while your Cooksy is on its way.

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