3 Easy & Delicious Leftover Ideas for Thanksgiving

3 Easy & Delicious Leftover Ideas for Thanksgiving

Anyone else get almost as excited for those Thanksgiving leftovers as they do for the main event? It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! We’ve got three yummy and creative dishes to help use up every last bite of those coveted leftovers from the Turkey Day.

We love that you can pile on those leftover fried onions from the green bean casserole on our Turkey Miso Butter Fried Rice. The herbs from the turkey give this recipe such a deep, comforting flavor. This must-make dish will make your list of leftover Thanksgiving recipes for years to come.

What could be better on a chilly day than a big bowl of Turkey Comfort Soup? And with added ingredients like ginger and lemongrass, our recipe is sure to soothe the soul!

Our Turkey Congee is a unique spin on that traditional leftover feast. Made with leftover turkey bones and a few added ingredients, this delicious rice porridge can be enjoyed for breakfast or dinner. 

Be sure to checkout some of our other Thanksgiving superstars, like our Make-ahead Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Homemade Stovetop Stuffing. What’s your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?

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