Surface Temperature

Assisted Cooking

Cooking like a pro has never been this easy.
Cooksy’s compact, sleek design seamlessly fits into any kitchen.

You can Select a Magnetic Mount, Wall Mount, or a stand. Cooksy works with your existing cooktop and pans, so you don’t have to purchase special equipment! Once installed, download the app and get cooking! 

Watching everything you do.

Cooksy watches from above and uses visual and thermal sensors to guide your cooking adventures. Cooksy then lifestreams your cooktop to the app so you can follow step by step video guided recipes, curated by Professional Chefs and Cooksy creators.

Surface Temperature Matters

People associate internal temperature with result, it’s the most common misconception Nuance is surface temperature, which is more important to outcome than internal (Crust, browning and not burning) Not temp based but experience based Heat matters, externally more than internal Not just the final heat, but about the heat journey. Surface temp journey to achieve the affect that you want. Can start at higher sear, than cook, than finish. Coordinates the heat journey for the perfect result

Knowing is key

The temperature is always changing depending on how much food is in the pan, the material of the pan, and the burner setting. And how do you know what temperature the burner is anyway? Knowing when to flip your steak depends on the thickness. This means every time you cook a different steak the right moment to flip is unique.

Cooksy guides you when you follow a recipe.

Cooksy offers touchless step-by-step video and audio guidance, even previewing upcoming steps. With Cooksy, you'll always know exactly at what temperature you should be cooking your food.

Making the world of temperature something you can see and act on.

Cooksy;s innovation Temperature Pins allow you to track the temperature of each ingredient with precision.

Create and Share

Share your cooking with others.
Cooksy livestreams your cooktop to the companion app.

See your creation in a whole new light with video and thermal data live on your mobile device. Our library of recipes from the Cooksy Community will introduce you to new and exciting culinary experiences.

Shareable recipes and cookbooks

Record, re-create and share your own culinary creations. Cooksy Pro enables you to easily create and share your own video recipes. Each step and ingredients are automatically identified and a video is instantly created. Cook your masterpiece again and again or share it with others.