Cooksy’s compact, sleek design seamlessly fits into any kitchen.

Mount Cooksy above your cooktop so that it can watch your favorite burner. You can select a magnetic mount, wall mount, or a stand. Cooksy works with your existing cooktop, so you don’t have to purchase special equipment! Once installed, download the app and get cooking! Cooksy works with non-stick, cast iron, or enameled pans. Cooksy does not currently work with Stainless Steel pans.

Get Connected with the App!

Cooksy uses your phone or tablet to interact with you. Download the app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store. Once installed, your app will pair with your Cooksy and you’ll be ready to get started!

See and act on the invisible world of temperature

As Cooksy livestreams your cooking to your phone, it shows you in real-time the exact surface temperatures of your pan and the food inside of it.

Surface Temperature Matters

Did you know that the wonderful flavor from browning meats and vegetables (the Maillard reaction) only happens when your pan is between 280 and 330°F (140 to 165°C)? Above that, proteins start to get burnt and bitter flavors and sugars start to carmelize. Below that, you just sweat out water without adding any flavor. Once you control the temperature of your pan, you control the flavor, and you can cook with an amazing level of precision and consistency.

Take Control of the Heat

All burners are unique, and pans can be made of different materials that have different thermal properties, making phrases like “cook on medium heat” imprecise and wildly different from one environment to another. Cooksy enables you to confidently cook based on the pan’s temperature, not the burner’s setting, giving you consistent results and better flavor because you can brown and not burn your food.

Cooksy guides you when you follow a recipe.

Cooksy offers touchless step-by-step video and audio guidance, even previewing upcoming steps. With Cooksy, you’ll always know exactly at what temperature you should be cooking your food.

Confidently cook anything

Cooksy’s recipe library is something special. Every recipe in our library is made from a full length cooking session that has been recorded with a Cooksy Pro, containing the full video and thermal journey of the dish from start to finish. When you follow a cooksy recipe, you perform the same instructions at the same time and at the same temperature as the original chef. You don’t need any skill, if you can simply add, remove and stir ingredients, you can make anything.

Just cook to record a recipe

Cooksy Pro enables you to easily create your own video recipes, to share with your family, friends or with anyone in the Cooksy community. Just press the record button while you are using cooksy to monitor your pan and cooksy will capture the full length video and thermal data that you can effortlessly turn into a video recipe.

The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Cooksy Pro builds on the cooksy experience and takes it to the next level. It uses cutting edge video and thermal imaging technology at the highest resolutions we can offer, more than four times the video and thermal resolution of the standard Cooksy.