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Common questions about your Cooksy.

When first setting up Cooksy, four things need to happen to facilitate successful use with the mobile app.

1_Cooksy needs to connect to the home's wifi network.
2- Once on the home's wifi network, the mobile app needs to pair with the Cooksy sensor.

3- Cooksy's thermal and visible cameras need to physically be pointed to the cooktop's burner that will be used.

4- Cooksy's thermal and visible cameras need to be calibrated so that the thermal image correctly overlays the visible camera's image, and that the thermal and visible images are properly zoomed in to focus on the correct burner.

After these all have been done ONCE, you can unplug your Cooksy. When you plug it in again to use it, the ONLY thing that may need to be done is #3, physically position the cameras, and only if Cooksy has physically moved out of its original position. A likely scenario if a stand is used.

Typically, using a pot/pan different than what is used in the recipe video does not matter. However, this is not always true because stainless steel, when it is empty, reflects some of the infrared radiation from the thermal camera so the temperature is not as accurate until you put some oil or something else in the pan. 

In general matching the size of the pan as best you can will lead to the best results.  Matching the material of the pan is not as important.

Cooksy should be at least 20 inches above the preferred burner but out of the direct line of heat.

No. Cooksy will just add the new recording session to the list of data to be uploaded eventually.

Absolutely. It is perfectly fine to edit the video later once it is uploaded.

Ensure you have the antenna fastened securely to Cooksy. 

Common symptoms could be:

The yellow light blinks for many minutes without connecting.The yellow light blinks and then the red light blinks and it goes back to the beginning of wifi setup with the blue swiping light.

It may also be that cooksy is not understanding your wifi password if using special characters. To remedy this, setting up the wifi connection manually may be a good solution. Here is a short video of how to do that:

Manual Wifi Setup Video

There is no physical Cooksy on/off switch.   Cooksy goes into a low-power mode if it is not in active use so there is no need to unplug it, however you can certainly unplug it between uses if you wish.

Yes, your Cooksy will remain calibrated and paired with your phone when disconnected from power. It will also keep content recording saved locally when using Cooksy Pro.

When restarting, Cooksy will reconnect to the WiFi it was originally set up on. Your phone’s app will need to pair with the Cooksy as well. From there, you’ll just need to have the Cooksy cameras pointed at the cooktop burner you intend to use.


More in depth knowledge on how to do certain things with your Cooksy.

When a recipe is created with Cooksy, it is recorded the entire pan temperature, which will be impacted by the amount of cold food added to pan, this is why doubling or halving recipes isn’t advised because it alters the temperature more than was done in the original recipe, so getting back up to temperature takes longer then the recipe advices, throwing the process out of equilibrium. 

To ensure success, the original recipe must be followed with proportion sizes (i.e. same number of chicken breasts, same measurement of volume) to keep up with the timing of the recipes. 

Preparing and measuring all ingredients (mise en place) before starting a Cooksy recipes ensures everything can be added at the appropriate time. 

Avoid making substitutions as this will throw off the ability to follow the recipe. 

Once a Cooksy has been set up on a Wi-Fi network it becomes attached to that network, so moving it into a new Wi-Fi network will require the Cooksy to be reset. Reset while the Cooksy is powered on, use the pointed end of a paperclip or similar object to press and hold the Reset button for 15 seconds. 

Then you would go through the same process Connecting the Cooksy to Wi-Fi

Connecting Cooksy to Wi-Fi (Video))

During first boot-up / Unboxing: 

Unboxing your Cooksy 

1. Blue LED turns on when power is applied

2. Blue LED turns off when the Cooksy has booted the Operating System

3. Sweeping blue LED to indicate Wi-Fi setup is required from the app

 4. Blinking yellow indicates the Wi-Fi SSID and password have been received in the Cooksy from the app

5. Solid green LED indicates connection to Wi-Fi successful

6. Pulsing green indicates an automatic update has started on the Cooksy


During powering on after already paired / set up on Wi-Fi

1. Blue LED turns on when power is applied

2. Blue LED turns off when the Cooksy has booted the Operating System

3. Green bouncing LED turns on while connecting to Wi-Fi

4. Solid green LED indicates Cooksy is connected to Wi-Fi and ready for use.



Note - Continuous bouncing green indicates the Cooksy can't connect to Wi-Fi. This can be due to being Out of range or being moved to new Wi-Fi network. Setting up on a new network will require a reset - Resetting Cooksy

Other Color Indicators:
Bouncing red LED indicates power issue. - Cooksy needs to be connected to power with the included cable and QC 3.0 Power Brick. 

Blinking yellow followed by blinking red (for two seconds only) indicates failure to connect to Wi-Fi  Check Wi-Fi SSID and password.

Please follow the steps if you're running into an issue with reconnecting the Cooksy after powering down. 
Step 1:   Go to Settings
Step 2:  Select the Setup Wizard
Step 3:  Select Use a sensor already on my network
Step 4:  If your Cooksy device has a Solid Green light, then it should show up in the list below.  You can select the sensor, and then click on Done.



Sometimes videos help explain it best.

If you run into an issue with connecting your Cooksy using the app,
please use the video below to connect it manually

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