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The engineer brain doesn’t take many breaks. It is constantly thinking about how things could be improved upon. So was the case for Jeff. A confessed foodie and enthusiastic home chef, his engineer’s mind was whirring away while he was waiting for water to boil. He thought “wouldn’t it be great if there was a smart techy thing that could tell me WHEN the water will boil?”

Well, being a bit of a “dream big” kind of guy… it didn’t take long until this techy thing in his mind could also help him with all sorts of other cooking things such as tracking how long something had been cooking, as well as automatically capturing and documenting his cooking adventures so that his all-too-infrequent spectacular moments of food perfection could be recreated over and over again.

Dream no more. With the help of cutting edge technology and a dollop of artificial intelligence, a very talented engineering team has helped him to create Cooksy, his new best friend in the kitchen.

Cooksy is the closest thing you’ll have to a master chef over your shoulder, improving your skills in creating stellar dishes over and over again. Impress your friends, become an Instagram foodie star, and enjoy making some fabulous food. Cooksy is cooking made easy.

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